“and the only thing that
speaks the truth is the
eloquence of passing time.
the spoken word
is a jacket too tight.”


-poi dog pondering

Copyright © 2007 Lisa Jo Landsberg

5 responses

6 03 2007
Nancy G. Shapiro

I like the spirit of this blog! Now I know my impression of who you are is correct…it will be a great day when we meet in person. Meanwhile, this blog/teleclass/phone relationship is extremely fine. Keep smiling…Nancy

30 03 2007

That is beautiful Lisa and so true.


18 04 2007
Lucy McBride

Lisa, I’m just listening to you on Coaching Model 3. It sounds like you are experiencing alot in you life right now. Rock on!!

I’ve blogrolled you! Check out http://www.acting4lifejournal.wordpress.com


6 07 2007
Carole Anne Pritchard

Hi Lisa
Just had a quick peek at your blog -it’s got a really good vibe to it. Gosh I wished I had more time to look! I was looking at the Yoga links. It must be great to have those facilities on your door step. I have visited Denver in 1998 and traveled around Colorado. I went to a place where wolves were kept Nr Toas and the guy brought one of them out ( which had accidentally been born in captivity )and she greeted us by licking our teeth! It was an awesome experience and brought tears of emotion to my eyes. I also went riding in Colorado and remember the stunning beauty. You are bringing your own beauty to your Columbine state. Wow I have just enjoyed my trip down memory lane.
Keep in touch
Carole x

13 07 2007

The title of this section “Quietness” brings to mind one of Ekhart Tolle’s books “Silence Speaks”!I have blogrolled you!

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